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Your Naked Skin and Professional Models

Are you a professional model that wants to be booked by Your Naked Skin? That is possible too. But there is no such thing as a right to be booked by Your Naked Skin. We have set the following conditions for working with professional models that want to be payed:

- The images that we can make with you must fit into our portfolio. If it does is our call and our call alone. 

- We expect free use of all images that are made. Any exceptions on your behalf may have an effect on your fee. How limitations on your behalf effect your fee you can calculate here

- minimum level of posing is Art Nude. We have more then enough collaborations for lingerie and implied nude

Being payed in money means that there is no obligation for us to give you any photos. If you are interested in photos then you should book a tfp-shoot. The above set of conditions do not apply to TFP-shoots.

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